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Vanilla planifolia

Frequently asked questions

Madagascar bourbon vanilla beans are a type of orchid known as vanilla planifolia, grown in Madagascar, an island nation off the coast of Africa. The vanilla beans are cured and fermented to produce a rich, sweet flavor for extracts, pastes, and other products.

Bourbon Vanilla Extract is made from the cured beans of vanilla planifolia, also known as Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla, and is one of the most popular forms of Pure Vanilla Extract. It has a strong, sweet, yet mellow aroma with a creamy, smooth flavor that adds complexity to any recipe.

No, there is no alcohol in Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla. The term "Bourbon" refers to the original name of the island where it was first cultivated - Isle Bourbon, known today as Réunion Island. This name has remained associated with the vanilla planifolia species of orchid due to its historical significance and unique flavor profile. If, however, you are holding onto Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Extract, or Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Paste, there is likely alcohol used in the extraction process, and trace amounts will be left over in the final product.

Yes, Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans are naturally gluten-free. Although there are trace amounts of gluten in the extraction process used to produce Vanilla Extract and Vanilla Bean Paste, it should not concern those with sensitivities or allergies. However, always check your product label carefully before making any purchases to ensure no additional ingredients that may contain gluten have been added.

Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla includes some of the finest gourmet Vanilla beans available. It comes specifically from the cured vanilla pod of the vanilla planifolia species of orchid, which has been grown for generations on the island of Madagascar. This particular type of Vanilla has a strong, sweet, yet mellow flavor that adds complexity to recipes of all kinds.

The unique aspect of Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla, aside from being perfectly creamy and full of velvety after tones, is that unlike most other Vanilla, which is pollinated by bees, Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla needs to be pollinated by humans through a precise and labor-intensive process that has been handed down through generations of the Malagasy smallholder farmers. These farmers are our neighbors and partners, and they provide LAFAZA the unique and special opportunity to share with you the authentic taste of their biodiverse and beautiful island, Madagascar.

Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Extract and Paste can last up to two years if stored in a cool, dark place. Ground Vanilla and vanilla beans can last up to one year when stored similarly. We recommend storing your Madagascar bourbon vanilla products in airtight containers away from light and heat sources to maximize freshness and flavor.

You can purchase Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla from various local stores, including supermarkets, natural health food stores, and specialty retailers. But you can also buy Madagascar bourbon vanilla right here, nearly direct from the smallholder farmers in Madagascar.

To ensure quality and sustainability, if you have to buy elsewhere, we recommend looking for products certified by the Non-GMO Project or USDA Organic programs. We also suggest considering suppliers committed to fair wages and supporting the communities and ecosystems where your Vanilla is grown.

You can purchase bulk Madagascar Vanilla right here, nearly direct from the smallholder farmers in Madagascar. We offer whole Vanilla Beans, Vanilla Extract, and Ground Vanilla Bean Powder as Non-Gmo Verified and USDA Organic Certified bulk sizes.

By buying directly from LAFAZA, you get great-tasting and sustainably produced vanilla products at a fraction of the cost - you also join us in supporting the Malagasy smallholder farmers and the local communities that benefit from the economic opportunities of vanilla farming. Shopping with LAFAZA is a commitment to sustainability, quality, and community. Shop now for bulk Madagascar Vanilla!