A Message From Our Founders

Let's take a pause here and acknowledge how the world is changing.

The term "supply chain" has become a commonly used term in the past two years mainly because the challenges with them have upset the consistent availability of commodities in our households. Those challenges have drawn attention to the risky and unsustainable practices of 'business as usual.'"

Since 2005, LAFAZA has been implementing daily improvements that shape lives, businesses, trade models, and the environment. One of our key convictions has been to strengthen supply chains, so they are equipped with the pliability to handle unexpected challenges. And to make that happen, we rely on everyday sustainability practices.

Humans are racing against climate change, unfair trade practices, limited supplies of basic resources, and unexpected crises like pandemics. Our goal is to educate as many people as possible to run along with us as we work to deliver amazing flavors with global impact.

We'd like to think that we at LAFAZA influence our local and global community through education. We prove that you CAN do business differently and be profitable while respecting our environment ecologically, socially, and economically. Specifically by securing a direct trade model in the vanilla and spice industry now in Madagascar and other locations and industries as we move forward.

To do that, we rely on our amazing LAFAZA team, both here in the US and in Madagascar. For us, part of this mission is physically being present in Madagascar year-round with over 100 employees on the ground every day, communicating with suppliers, partners, each other, and our American team. And having key US staff like our CEO and COO present in Madagascar for weeks at a time, multiple times a year, helping farming communities progress, evolve, and adapt when necessary. With their support, we look to the future and ask, "How do we keep improving? What steps can we take next to elevate a better existence for all beings co-existing on the planet?"

Steps that are big or small, personal or professional, locally or worldwide. Every day we stop and question:

"How will we enhance everyday sustainability at this moment, right now?"


There is a Malagasy proverb that says:"Misaraka fasika, mitambatra vato."
"Separate, we are like sand, together, we are like rock."

In rural Madagascar communities, this is the lifeline to community well-being and even survival for farming families in remote villages. When there is a person in need, there is a person who steps up to help without hesitation. And this ensures a cycle of holistic sustainability built on trust, reliability, and partnership.

These values benefit the individual, the community, and the environment. At LAFAZA, we are proud to be a contributing member of so many rural communities as a neighbor and partner, to shape and be shaped by the challenges and accomplishments we experience together.

We hope you'll partner with us on this mission for everyday sustainability, and we appreciate your interest in improving the world one vanilla bean at a time.


Nathaniel Delafield
Co-Founder and CEO
James Delafield
Co-Founder and President 


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