Meet The Farmers

We are proud to partner directly with small farmers in rural Madagascar. They grow some of the world’s highest quality vanilla beans, and we’re sure you will recognize the superior quality and unique flavor of LAFAZA products.

The knowledge and love for growing environmentally sustainable vanilla has  been passed down through as many as four generations of our partners in Madagascar. These farmers and vanilla curing experts alike take great pride in producing the finest gourmet vanilla.

One such curing expert is Dela.

Dela with cured vanilla beans

Dela lives in the small village of Imorona, along the east coast of the island near Mananara-Nord. She and her husband grow their vanilla using the same methods as her grandparents and those before them: organic compost fertilizer, no chemicals or pesticides, and among an incredibly diverse range of other trees and plants, on a small plot of land. After the harvest, Dela takes charge of the four-month process of sun-curing the vanilla beans. Producing amazing vanilla requires great knowledge and hard work, and we are proud to bring you these vanilla beans – directly from farmers like Dela!

Below is Martin, one of LAFAZA’s star vanilla farmers. In addition to growing excellent quality vanilla beans, Martin helps lead the farmer cooperative in his area. He also the president of the association HITA, which manages a local community library built with the direct support of LAFAZA.

Martin in Imorina, 2011

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