Classic Vanilla Rice Pudding

Classic Vanilla Rice Pudding

Chef Ramon Lourido from Harbor Mist in Cold Spring Harbor, NY, knocks it out of the park, once again! His Classic Vanilla Rice Pudding was so delicious that he decided to add it to their menu. 

Not able to get to NY? You'll find his recipe below and a video tutorial at the bottom of the page.

Rice Pudding Ingredients:

Rice Pudding Instructions:

Combine sugar & water, bring to simmer to dissolve sugar. Add rice, stir to combine, bring to simmer & cook until all water is absorbed. Add milksalt, and vanilla bean, cook another 45 to 50 minutes until rice is very soft. Add vanilla extract & cook 2 more minutes. Take off fire & cover in plastic wrap to prevent it from forming skin. Serve with a sprinkle of ground vanilla.




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